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Home Health is Often Misunderstood

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

One of the first things I learned about home health was how misunderstood the service is. Many object to having strangers in their homes. Some people mistakenly think they can’t afford the care. Others are under the impression you have to be bed-bound or very restricted to have a nurse or therapist perform a home visit. Let’s work together to unravel some of these misconceptions!

Home health is a skilled service (meaning a nurse, therapist, or other clinicians) that provides care in the home under the direction of a doctor. There are many reasons why someone would need a nurse to come into their home.

Medication management is one example of the care that can be provided by a home health agency. Imagine you leave your doctor’s office and head to the pharmacy to pick up your medications. On the way, you remember him mentioning you will need to take 1 pill twice a day and take a different medication at lunch and at bedtime. Yet another medication is to be taken with food, but only in the morning. Having multiple medications to manage, and remembering to take the correct dose at the correct time, can be very challenging. Especially if someone is dealing with a complicated illness such as congestive heart failure or diabetes.

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