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March is National Social Worker Month!

Updated: Mar 26

Social Worker Month allows us to express our gratitude for the contributions social workers have made for more than a century and how the services they provide are needed more than ever.

People become social workers because they have a strong desire to help others and make our society a better place to live for all. They touch millions of lives each day and it is likely a social worker at some time will assist you, a family member, or a friend.

At Volunteer Home Care, our Social Workers help navigate the challenges you may experience due to your medical condition with community resource planning, counseling for long-range planning or decision-making, evaluation of psychosocial factors that may prevent recovery from illness, and financial counseling.

A single social worker can influence an entire life and generations of them have shaped all of us. The legacy of social work includes so many wonderful aspects of the society we live in, which, if you ask us, definitely deserves a celebration!

Home health care allows you to manage your care at home. Our team works with your physician to develop a personalized plan that addresses your health care needs and helps you meet your goals. We help you regain your prior level of function, maintain your independence, and improve your overall quality of life.

We offer home health, private duty, and personal care services in twenty-nine counties throughout West and Middle Tennessee. To meet the needs of our patients, we support them as they navigate the healthcare system, comfort them through each stage of illness, and empower them to make informed decisions. Our mission to CARE with SKILL AND COMPASSION is clearly lived through our dedicated staff and in our relationships with healthcare providers throughout the Tennessee area.



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