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Physical Therapy at Home

You may benefit from physical therapy if you suffer an illness or injury that affects your ability to get around normally. Home health physical therapy might be a good option if you are unable to leave your home.

Our Home Health Physical Therapists can help with strength-building and mobility exercises, educate you about the proper way to use assistive devices that have been prescribed, and help prevent further injuries or complications.

Assessments can include:

1. Fall History, Fall Circumstances, Fall Risk Factor Assessment

2. Health History & Functional Assessment

3. Vital Signs & Pain Assessment

4. Gait & Balance Screening & Assessment

5. Musculoskeletal & Foot Assessment

6. Neurological Assessment

7. Walking Aids, Assistive Technologies & Preventive Devices Assessment

8. Environmental Assessment

Patients receiving home health physical therapy are referred to Volunteer Home Care by their healthcare provider. If you feel you may benefit from physical therapy at home, you can also request Volunteer Home Care when setting up your treatment with your healthcare provider.

Do you have any of the following that increase your risk of falls? You could benefit from home health physical therapy:

· Prior history of falls

· Incontinence

· Visual Impairment

· Impaired functional mobility

· Poly Pharmacy (4 or more prescriptions of any type)

· Pain affecting level of function

· Cognitive impairment

Home health care allows you to manage your care at home. Our team works with your physician to develop a personalized plan that addresses your health care needs and helps you meet your goals. We can help you regain your prior level of function, maintain your independence, and improve your overall quality of life. Call our office today or check out our services page for more detailed information on how home care can help.



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